The heart chakra

the root chakraThe heart chakra is the 4th of the 7 chakras.

The heart is the bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds.  In a spiritual and embryonic sense, it is the centre of our being.

It is through the heart that we feel.  Guidance is felt through this centre of inner knowing.  

Through the heart, one can feel joy or pain.  As humans, we are feeling beings and it is the heart that guides us in our growth in this world.

How many times have you heard or felt the idea that "my head says this, but my heart says that"?  

Each of the chakras is an intelligence centre.  Often, the centres give different internal reactions to the same external event.  

The heart is the most intelligent of all the chakras. When we have the trust to follow the truth in our heart, our life expands in alignment with the Will of Spirit.

Our world is one in which the guidance of spirit is experienced alongside with the freedom of action.  

We always have the choice to follow our heart, or not to.  In every moment, there is the fundamental choice to (re) act from fear or to respond with love.

With loving thoughts and actions, the heart opens.  With fear, the heart closes.

Living from Love is a guided meditation which will open your heart.  This process ignites the inner program of setting the intention to continue to learn to live from love, more with each day.

This meditation is available for free when you register for an account with Hypnotic Harmonic.

It integrates Metaphysical Hypnosis with Brain Wave entrainment technologies to communicate with the deepest levels of your mind, and bring real changes into your life.  It is one part of chakra meditation.

The heart chakra

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